Live Projection - Reel

Online Education Videos : 

The Mother Goose Club 

-Green Screen

-White Cyc Studio

-Dress Up Theater

-How To Videos

(DP, Editor, Colorist, Compression and Distribution, YouTube optimization)

(10 Billion views and counting)

Web Spots:

Honda - Freestylers (Editor, Colorist, Pre Production - 5 episodes in Spanish)

Lexus - Vida Lexus (Editor, Colorist)

with Imaginarium Labs


HBO - HBO Rocks Parquet Courts (DP, Audio, Location Scout)

HBO - HBO Rocks Warpaint (DP)(Webster Hall, NY)

HBO - HBO Rocks Elliphant (DP)(Glasslands, Brooklyn)

with Imaginarium Labs

Art Videos:

Fire Escape on 34th Street 

Man Ray

Street Art Stroll - Colors 2

Bird of Paradise 1979 - Mapplethorpe Flowers

Art Basel Andy Warhol

Window in Five

Magazine Stories:

Frontier Greys: The Team With No Home (editor)

One Lap of Rennsport in the 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera (editor)


Quaker State Motor Oil (DP)(with Imaginarium Labs) (Co-Producer, Co-Director)

Wordinaire App spots (Producer, Concept and Art Design, DP, Editor)

Coverage and Performances:

Quiet Clubbing

Tibet Dance and Throat Singing

Mandala Closing Ceremony

Dance India at Brookfield Place

Music Videos:

Kylian "Black+White" (DP, Editor, SFX)

Futurist "Double Knots" (DP, Assistant Editor)

#talent "#Letter" (DP, Editor, SFX)


Hardeman SS 18

Hardeman FW 18


Trailer for the Everglades Project  Super 16mm Film (Co-producer, Co-director, Co-editor)

Hurricane Wilma Super 8 Film

Real Estate / Interview setup:

Park Row (Camera, Audio)

with Think Visual Group

Theater Multi-Cam:

Naked in a Fishbowl 

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